Martin The Warrior

Martin The Warrior is a young mouse in the fictional [although I wish it weren't] world of Redwall. He is named after his grandfather, and has a father named Luke the Warrior. The book, Martin The Warrior, was written in 1993/1995, is book number six in the Redwall series, and it tells the beautiful and heroic tale of Martin's early life in the far north as he battles to defeat Badrang the Tyrant of Marshank.

There are many trials and troubles that greet Martin and his friends along their struggle to defeat Badrang, but through it all they manage to find hope and love, particularly Martin, who finds love in Rose of Noonvale, a young mousemaid who captures his heart with her beauty of spirit and song and her bravery and nobility. The book is one of the most beautiful stories I have ever read and its tale will stay with me forever.

Martin the Warrior became the third season of the Redwall Series created by Nelvana, which aired [where I am from] on the PBS station. This was a very beautiful show, and the third season dvd will becoming out August 22, 2006, so be on the lookout for that!!!

To find a more detailed summary of this beautiful tale, please visit Wikipedia.Org or Redwall.Org.